The first bye round has come and gone and while most got through the first one with at least 18 players to pick from, it gets significantly harder over the next fortnight.

West Coast and Richmond are now playing in Round 13, which means there’s just 4 teams having a bye this week and then 8 teams in Round 14. SuperCoach have given everyone a further two trades to try and cover the carnage, but for many it won’t be enough and we’ll be scratching together less than full teams in that third bye week.

Nonetheless, we still have to…

Happy bye rounds, SuperCoaches!

The byes are here and barring any hiccups with the fixture, we now move to best 18 scoring for three weeks as each team moves through their bye rounds.

Ideally you should be approaching a full premium side, moving most (if not all) of your rookies off the field by the time we return to a full fixture.

Here’s the list of bye, hold and sell options to help start your bye rounds off on the right foot.


Not many players to choose from this week as we head into the first week of bye rounds…

Hello SuperCoaches,

Welcome to Captain’s Corner for Round 11 and although it looked as though we may not have 9 games to look at this week, the AFL has managed to get all teams that needed to be out of Melbourne this week to other cities just in time.

It’s unusual to have so many of the ‘safe’ captaincy options playing in the same game on Friday night, so making the right choice will be crucial in ensuring you start the round strongly.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best VC and C options this week.


Hello coaches! Round 10 saw some bumper SuperCoach scores (hello Clarry Oliver double ton!), presented us with some viable trade down options in terms of rookies and some appealing trade up options as well.

Let’s take a look at who you should be looking to buy, hold and sell this week.


Cody Weightman
Two spritely games on the bounce from Weightman who is set to skyrocket in price over the coming weeks despite a slightly elevated rookie price of $173K. As long as he keeps kicking goals and playing his role, he looks like a safe option. …

Hello SuperCoaches!

There is a great variety of VC and C options this week, with no clear standout options on the Friday night and some safe options on Saturday.

Let’s take a look at the pick of the bunch for this week.


Dustin Martin
Dusty as back to top form against GWS, dragging his side over the line with 28 touches and 4 crucial goals. His record against Brisbane is pretty solid and he clearly has no issues playing at the Gabba after winning last year’s Norm Smith Medal.
Last 3 vs BRIS: 111, 108, 141

Tom Mitchell
His recent record…


Dayne Zorko
Was enormous against a hapless Gold Coast on Saturday and is now in line to be one of the top-scoring forwards this season, provided he stays fit. With a breakeven of 60, now is the time to jump on.

Jack Steele
$569K for the 7th ranked midfielder for total points scored in the competition to this point is a bargain. His breakeven is 114 so unless he goes huge against the Dogs this week he’s unlikely to jump up massively in price, but he’s certainly reached somewhere near his ‘floor’ price.

Dustin Martin
Dusty has had his customary price…

It was an up-and-down week for many coaches this week, with lots of rookies scoring well but some popular premos not quite reaching the heights we would have hoped for.

The injury wave has rolled in again as well, this time after all the games had been played with some major injury news dropping yesterday evening.

Let’s have a look at our buy, hold and sell options for this week.


Jordan Ridley
Ridley has plummeted in price on the back of his concussion-affected game and then a couple of scores in the 80s, so $488K for a guy still averaging 104…

Welcome to the Round 8 edition of Captain’s Corner, where the captaincy options outside of the regular options are looking a bit thin this week.

Injuries and matchups mean that lots of coaches will default to the likes of Gawn, Grundy and Macrae, but there are still a few reasonable options worth looking at.

(Also, if you hadn’t seen the news this afternoon, Martin Frederick has been dropped by Port Adelaide, so reverse your trades ASAP!)

Vice Captains

Cam Guthrie
A solid option in the first game of the round this week. With Richmond bleeding points to midfielders in recent weeks with a…

Another week down and it feels like the first week that we’re not staring down the barrel of injury carnage. In fact many coaches welcomed Jordan Ridley back to the field and lots will be looking for Dustin Martin to return this week from concussion.

Let’s take a look at some of the other players you might want to consider this week.


Martin Frederick
The Power rookie has looked very assured at top level in the first two games of his career. Used the ball exceptionally well against the Lions, going at 87%. …

Captain’s Corner is back for another week and there are likely to be some popular VC/C options playing reasonably early on in the round.

There are some viable alternatives however for those looking to win a league matchup or just try something different. Let’s take a look at who you can give the armbands to this week.

Vice Captains

Jack Macrae
Continues to pump out big scores for fun and there’s no reason to think why that won’t continue against a depleted Richmond midfield on Friday night. Two 160s in his last three games against the Tigers makes for compelling reading. …

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